Anyone who comes from a place other than this can not fail to be charmed by the unique and singular image of a landscape that still bears intact the architectural signs of its origin.

The atoll of tufa, which dominates the landscape of Rocca Ripesena is the testimony of a tectonic turmoil and is in close harmony with the incredible likeness and tuffaceous platform that contains the city of Orvieto, both linked in a giant creative phenomenon.

The facts of this dynamic vitality are still expressed by many signs that the subsoil of this magical place sends us broughting physically to the most radical image of creation and its elements: fire and water, architects of our indissoluble creation.

The vegetation that has covered and decorated the primitive structures is the expression of a harmonious agreement with this vital power: giant oaks and chestnut trees are powerful sculptures of a huge natural “museum”.

On these gently rounded hills just the vineyards express the signs of contemporary history and the activity of man that lives these places; appear as blankets that cover the back of prehistoric animals squatting.

The grapes are golden and fragrant, and the resulting wine is the grand prize at the completion of a process and a secular complicated phenomenon that is life.