From a small vineyard planted promiscuously with Procanico, Verdello and Malvasia grapes mixed in rows just like the traditional customs of our area, it was born “Musco”. Produced with antique tools and equipment in a tuff cave dug under a chestnut forest, without electricity usage, this wine matures in chestnut wood barrels and refines first in demijohns and then in bottles for several months. Even bottling is made by hand. A wine made “by the desire of those who with care, understanding and the tools of old wish to nurture the retelling of a timeless story”.

White wine

Sedimentary clay
Exposure East
Hilly. 350 mt above sea level

Grape varieties:
Procanico 50%, Verdello 30% e Malvasia 20%

60 quintale (6 tonnes) per hectare

Picking is made by hand. The must is macerated with the skins for 4/6 days in open vats of chestnut without punching.
The pressing is carried out with the aid of an old hand press.
The fermentation with natural yeasts takes place in chestnut barrels slowly for 1/2 months.

Maturation and aging:
1 year in chestnut, 8 months in glass demijohns and then in bottles horizontally placed in the tufo cave for at least 4 months before release.

Production: 1600 numbered bottles.

Tasting notes:
This wine is of a deep golden bright color, it has a fascinating and complex nose of ripe yellow fruit, almond, peel and candied citrus and dried citrus, chestnut honey and notes of herbs that give the freshness we find in the mouth. The palate is structured and although silky and soft it has a sour and slightly tangy trail well integrated that makes it a balanced wine. Long lasting taste with a slightly bitter closing.

Serving suggestion:
Simple and elaborate dishes from traditional Umbrian cuisine, as chickpea and grass pea puree, pasta with mushroom, truffle and white meat dishes or dishes of a more intense taste as marinated anchovies, cod, lamb cutlets.