The Vineyards

Describe in a few words our vineyards is not easy even for us who know them meter by meter, plant to plant, and that we follow for dozens of miles a year.

We should be able to accompany you, showing how the ground changes step by step, how the vines react and grow.

A puzzle is the appropriate image to make the idea of our vineyards: small areas, even very small, with different and precise characteristics that only the experience of many years and many harvests allows you to recognize and appreciate.

At Palazzone we are surrounded by vines. Planted on the hillside between the Hermitage and Rocca Ripesena a stone’s throw from Orvieto, between 210 and 340 meters. above sea level, depending on the slopes exposed to E or E-NE.

The nature of the rocks of this area is made up of clays, silts and sands; 2.5 million years ago there was a seabed which have accumulated the finer sediments transported by ancient rivers that crossed what were then the few areas emerged.

24 hectares of vineyards in the hills, in a landscape of rare beauty, cultivated with the traditional grapes of Orvieto: Procanico and Grechetto primarily, then to complete the Verdello and Malvasia grapes.

But also international varieties: Sauvignon for Muffa Nobilis and Viognier among the first to cultivate it in Italy.

And to completion of the wines produced, Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon for the reds.

Experiences and renewal are in place at Palazzone because, and for this we are sure, first of all great wines are made in the vineyard.