The Philosophy

Palazzone has chosen for us. It has invested us with a responsability, with its stark beauty and the outstanding performance of which is equipped. It persuaded us that Orvieto was a challenge to overcome, a card to play in total contrast with the market and with fashion.

The vocation of the place, the history of the city and its region are the aspects that have given strength to our choices.

The family keeps our work together. We know that to live and work at Palazzone is a privilege, and this feeling becomes a certainty when things get tough.

We love the idea that the profile of a white wine from central Italy can be developed: graceful yet incisive, Mediterranean and at the same time with a closed structure.

Our conception of the wine is intimately linked to the vineyard, only from there we can get out the real satisfactions, those that remain.

The grapes from Orvieto do not have the solar expressiveness of some “easy” grapes and so their margins of improvement are not so immediate, so the work in the vineyard relies on continuity rather than miraculous choices.

We too have wanted to try the temptation of an “important” red, therefore, the Armaleo was born, which will certainly remain a beautiful experience, from which we have learned, however, that to remain attached to our territory, the indigenous grapes are the primary goal.

For this reason we will invest our energies on Sangiovese, knowing that the journey will be challenging as it is to dedicate to the Orvieto.

But being at Palazzone means facing difficult challenges, it seems the only way to reward the place we chose.