Terre Vineate

Orvieto Classico Superiore

Our years of experience have enabled us to choose a specific portion of our Palazzone vineyard for the production of this wine. It has a perfect aspect and we carry out careful pruning to leave the best possible bunches of the Procanico and Grechetto grapes with which to make our Terre Vineate. The name comes from the medieval quarter in which our vineyard is situated.

Grape varieties

Procanico 50%
Grechetto 30%
Verdello, Drupeggio, Malvasia 20%

Tasting notes

This wine is of an intense straw color. It has an elegant nose that gradually releases a vivid and definite perfume of the white fruit from which it is made. In the mouth the impact is dense and dry and these two sensations balance each other so that the perfume is matched by a somewhat dry finish.

Serving suggestion

This wine is best suited to rich dishes that include sauces of meat or fish and it also goes well with spicy dishes.