Sangiovese Umbria igt

In Piviere san Donato, the name of the medieval quarter in which the estate of Il Palazzone exists, we do not lack the most authentic grape traditionally grown in our part of Umbria – the Sangiovese. From the best aspect of our vineyard and with the most rigorous selection of grapes we have created the Piviere wine. It arose from our philosophical devotion to enhancing the value of our traditional varieties.

Grape variety

Sangiovese 100%

Tasting notes

The wine is ruby colored with purple tones. The nose is intense and fragrant with the perfume of red fruit. A prolonged and refined flavor lingers on the palate. The tannin in the wine amalgamates perfectly with with the oak to achieve this fine, elegant taste.

Serving suggestion

This wine is best with the traditional dishes of Umbria – for example, home-made pasta with sauce from game such as hare or wild boar, grilled meat and chicken, and lamb roasted in the oven.