Muffa Nobile

Orvieto Classico Superiore

Orvieto is one of the rare Italian zones suitable for the production of sweet wine, a fame that has been handed down over the centuries from the time of the Etruscans. Land exposed to morning mists are the most favorable to develop the Botrytis Cinerea which enables us to make the Muffa Nobile. When the conditions are right – usually towards the end of October, we meticulously harvest the bunches of only the highest quality grapes infected with desired the Botrytis.

Grape variety

Grechetto 50%, Sauvignon Blanc 40% e Procanico 10%

Tasting notes

This is a wine of a warm, gold color. It has an intriguing nose from which emerges a richness of of candied fruit joined with the mysterious touch of good mould. On the palate the sensation is rich, sweet, long and silky and contains reminders of apricots and honey.

Serving suggestion

Piquant and pungent cheeses – those which will benefit from companionship with this unctuous wine.